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General Conditions

International credit mobility funds short term student and staff mobility between European and Partner Countries on the basis of inter-institutional agreements.

Mobility is based on the Erasmus Quality Framework. Partner Country institutions do not need to hold an ECHE but must uphold its principles (including but not limited to):

The European institution must be a HEI awarded with an ECHE

Mutual recognition of credits must be guaranteed

Double tuition is not permitted

Both sending and receiving institution must be able to ensure student and staff support


The grant

Students to Hungary (Incoming): 750 Euro/Month

Students from Hungary to the partner countries (outgoing): 650 Euro/Month

Staff to Hungary (Incoming): 140 Euro/Day

Staff from Hungary to the partner countries (outgoing): 160 Euro/Day


Travel costs

It depends on travel distance. Use the compulsory distance calculator:

100  -  499 KM: 180 EUR/person

500  -  1999 KM: 275 EUR/person

2000  -  2999 KM: 360 EUR/person

3000  -  3999 KM: 530 EUR/person

4000  -  7999 KM: 820 EUR/person

8000 KM  -  or over: 1100 EUR/person



The European Commission does not provide any central insurance scheme. Please take in account, that a valid insurance is compulsory, both for students and staff.

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