Subject list - 2018/19/Spring Semester

Subjectsort icon Specialization File Responsible faculty Note
Algoithm theory Computer engineering Msc Neumann
Application of biostatical methods Computer engineering Msc Neumann
Automatic Manufacturing Systems III. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Automatic Manufacturing Systems IV. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Automatic Production Systems Electrical Engineering Kandó
Automation Electrical Engineering Kandó
Basic Biotechnology Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Business communication Business Keleti
Business English I Business TMPK
Calculus II Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Cellulose and Pulp Fiber Chemistry Media Technologyy and Light Industry Rejtő
Cloud based IoT and Big Data platforms Computer engineering Msc Neumann
Computer Aided Product Design 2 Industrial Design Engineering Rejtő
Computer Networks Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Computer-aided Design of Machining Technology II Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Control Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Controlling Business Keleti
Cutting Technologies and Tools Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Data and Information Security Electrical Engineering Kandó
Database and Big Data technologies Computer engineering Msc Neumann
Decision support systems Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Design and manufacturing of plastic injection mould Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Digital Printing Technologies Media Technologyy and Light Industry Rejtő
Digital Technics II. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Discrete mathematics and linear algebra II Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Drawing and colour studies I Industrial Design Engineering Rejtő
Ecology Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Economics I. Business Keleti
Economics II. Business Keleti
Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Electricity Electrical Engineering Kandó
Electronics Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Electronics I. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Electronics Technology Electrical Engineering Kandó
Energetics Electrical Engineering Kandó
Engineering Materials Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Engineering Physics Measurement Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Enterprise Economics Business Keleti
Environment-friendly Marketing Business Keleti
Environmental chemical practice Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Environmental elements protection III Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Environmental technologies operations I Environmental Engineering Rejtő
European Studies Business Keleti
Family Business in the EU Business Keleti
Finite element modeling of materials technologies Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Form Design I Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Form design I Industrial Design Engineering Rejtő
Formal languages and automata Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Foundations of economic policy Business Keleti
Freehand drawing II Industrial Design Engineering Rejtő
Fundamentals of CAD_CAM modelling Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Fundamentals of informatics security Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Human Resource Management Business Keleti
Hungarian language I All TMPK
Image processing and computer graphics Computer engineering Msc Neumann
Informatics I Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Informatics II Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Informatics II Media Technologyy and Light Industry Rejtő
Informatics laboratory Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Informatics laboratory I. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Integrated product design II Industrial Design Engineering Rejtő
Intelligent systems Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
International Project Business Keleti
IT Security Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Lean and Green Printing Media Technologyy and Light Industry Rejtő
Lighting Technology Electrical Engineering Kandó
Machine design I. Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Machine intelligence Computer engineering Msc Neumann
Macroeconomics Business Keleti
Management Business Keleti
Manufacturing Engineering I. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Manufacturing Equipment and Systems II Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Materials Science Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Materials Science for Engineers laboratory Electrical Engineering Kandó
Materials Science I Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Mathematics II Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Mathematics II. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Measurements Electrical Engineering Kandó
Mechanics II Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Mechatronics of Manufacturing Systems Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Mechatronics of vehicles Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Microeconomics Business Keleti
Mobile robots operating basics Mechanical Engineering Bánki
Modelling Industrial Design Engineering Rejtő
Modern Corporate Finance Business Keleti
Nature and landscape protection Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Network Technologies I Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
New Challenges of the 21st Century Business Keleti
Open and Closed loop Control Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Optimal and Real Decisions Business Keleti
Organisation of logistic systems Business Keleti
Organisational Behaviour in Practice Business Keleti
Personal Life Strategies Business Keleti
Physics II. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Principles of marketing Business Keleti
Probability theory and mathematical statistics Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Processing Technology III Media Technologyy and Light Industry Rejtő
Processing Technology V Media Technologyy and Light Industry Rejtő
Product construction and design in the clothing industry Industrial Design Engineering Rejtő
Programming I. Electrical Engineering Kandó