Subject list - 2019/20/Winter Semester

Subjectsort icon Specialization File Responsible faculty Note
Programming II. Electrical Engineering Kandó
Programming of Robot Systems Computer engineering Msc Neumann
Project work Media technology and light industry, Environmental engineering, Product design Rejtő

Only for those students who have major in any one of the listed specialisation or similar

Public Health Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Quality technology, Quality Management Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering BSc Bánki
Real-time operating systems Electrical Engineering Kandó
Research methodology Business Development MSc Keleti
Risk analysis Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Safety engineering Environmental Engineering Rejtő
Safety engineering, ergonomics Mechatronics Engineering BSc Bánki
Selected Chapters of Mechanics Mechatronics Engineering MSc Bánki
Social and Economic Forecast Business Development MSc Keleti
Sociology Business and management Keleti
Software design and developement I. Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
Statistics I. Technical management BSc Keleti
Steuerungstechnik Mechanical Engineering BSc Bánki
Strategic and Business Planning Business and management Keleti
Strategic Training Technical management BSc Keleti
Structures of materials II. Product Design Rejtő
System engineering (E-Leaarn) Mechatronics Engineering BSc Bánki
System Theory Computer engineering Bsc Neumann
System- and control theory Computer engineering Msc Neumann
The Digital Society Business and management Keleti
Theory & measurement of color Media Technologyy and Light Industry Rejtő
Theory and Measurement of Colour Media Technologyy and Light Industry Rejtő
Value Based Management Business Development MSc Keleti
Web Programming and Advanced Development Techniques Computer engineering Bsc Neumann