Tue, 2016/10/18 - 10:19

Dear International Students of Óbuda University, buddy-s and mentors,

We kindly invite you to our traditional event the "International Dinner" - it is about to show and taste the typical and traditional food of your cuisine.
Just bring yourself and the typical meal/meals of your culture + a poster of your home country!

Every nation will have an own table.

See you there at 21.10.2016.. (Friday) at 17:00

Location: Rejtő Faculty (RKK) - CANTEEN (at the hostel)
6 Doberdó út, Budapest H-1034




Mon, 2016/10/17 - 16:17

In the first week of October many international programs were held at University of Belgrade - Technical Faculty in Bor. Besides the EMFM 2016. and the Summer School's program there was an oppurtunity to deepen the cooperation between the partner institutions. The participants agreed to the importance of their international relations and the common projects. Ms. Ildikó Marosi (PhD) institutional ERASMUS+ coordinator represented the Óbuda University.


Thu, 2016/10/13 - 13:48

Our students took an active part in the summer school's program, from 02/10/2016 until 07/10/2016. The conference's title was Ecological Entrepreneurship: Innovation Management for Technical Products and Intellectual Property, organized by RESITA network. The attendants had an oppurtinity to participate in the 6th International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management- EMFM 2016 also.

Tue, 2016/09/13 - 18:59

Sat, 2016/06/04 - 10:24

Professor’s visiting to Óbuda University

Prof. Hönl has been Honorary Professor at our university, delivering lectures on smart systems to our students at regular intervals.

Sat, 2016/06/04 - 09:42

Teaching mobility in Serbia in the framework of Erasmus+ Credit mobility

Sat, 2016/06/04 - 09:42

Teaching mobility in Serbia in the framework of Erasmus+ Credit mobility

Fri, 2016/05/27 - 14:43

Teaching mobility in Albania

Two colleagues from the Keleti Faculty (Mr. András Keszthelyi and Ms. Ildikó Marosi associate professors) taught at the European University of Tirana in the middle and at the end of May in the framework of Creditmobility Programme.

Sun, 2016/04/24 - 14:58

Visiting the Parliament

On 7th April some lucky foreign and Hungarian students (studying at the University of Óbuda) had a special welcome in the Parliament of Hungary. After the guided tour in a foreign language, Mr István Hiller, the Vice-president of the Parliament, personally greeted the group of the University in his office. Thus the group had the opportunity to take a glimpse into the duties of a vice-president, not only getting to know the Parliament.

Tue, 2016/03/15 - 22:18

International Dinner!

When: 18. March 2016, 17:30

Where: Tavaszmező utcs 14, Basement

What to do:

Prepare and bring some traditional food of your home country!

Prepare an interesting, big poster (one per country!)