Pályázati lehetőség japán nyelv tanulására Tokióban

ATokyo Metropolitan University az Óbudai Egyetem szerződéses partnere. Jelen felhívás hallgatóknak szól, japán nyelv tanulására.


We would like to announce that our 3-week summer program's application
deadline is extended to April 27, 2015. Since the JASSO changed its
scholarship eligibility criteria, we can now accept more students this

GPA requirement has changed to 2.0 on a scale of 3.0. Also,
self-recommendation essay is added to the application documents, therefore
selection will be made based on the applicants' self-motivation and learning
attitude when they are not confident with their GPAs. Please forward the
information to your colleagues and students who did not apply last time
because of the scholarship requirements.

Deadline: Application packages (total 6 documents) must be sent by April 27,

Amount: The scholarship stipend is 80,000 JPY/ month which will be handed in
person here at TMU.

Application documents: Please have all the following documents scanned and
sent to TMU International Affairs Office at inbound-to-tmu@jmj.tmu.ac.jp.
1. Application Form for the Summer Japanese Program
2. Japanese Language Evaluation Sheet
3. A copy of the photo page of your passport*
4. Official transcript
5. JASSO scholarship application form
6. Self-Recommendation Form
*Your passport’s expiration date must be no earlier than 6 months prior to
the end of the program.

Scholarship eligibility: Students must:
-have excellent academic and personal outstanding in their home university
-demonstrate financial need
-upon termination of the period of study in Japan, will resume or complete
their studies at their home university
-do not receive any kind of scholarship more than 80, 000JPY per month
-have the minimum of 2.00 GPA (on a 3.0 scale), which is calculated using
JASSO's GPA calculation method, based on a transcript from the previous
academic year

Felhívjuk hallgatóink figyelmét, hogy közvetlen nem jelentkezhetnek, csak a Nemzetközi Mobilitási irodán keresztül. Ezért az Óbudai Egyetem határideje 2015. április 16., csütörtök 12:00.

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