Erasmus for Internationals

Erasmus for Internationals


We are happy to inform you about a scholarship opportunity for Stipendium Hungaricum students.The Erasmus program is for students to complete an internship abroad after you receive your absolutorium - so you have completed all your subjects at the University- for which you receive scholarship support.  

Internships abroad provide a unique opportunity to gain cultural, linguistic and professional experience, which significantly increases the labor market competitiveness of graduates after graduation.


  • You must have an acceptance letter from your traineeship place when you apply
  • Your placement must be within the European Union
  • The placement cannot be in Hungary
  • The placement must be in connection with your studies
  • The traineeship period must be a minimum of 60 days but a maximum of 360 days
  • The traineeship period cannot be interrupted with a break
  • The traineeship can be started only after receiving your graduation
  • You cannot receive Stipendium Hungaricun scholarship during your Erasmus traineeship (no double financing)
  • You must obtain visa in the country where you have your traineeship during the whole period


1. Find a traineeship place

Look for an traineeship place and if you find one,ask for an informal letter/email regarding that the company/placement you chose is willing to accept you as an intern for at least 2 months.

2. Contact the faculty Erasmus coordinator

Contact your coordinator after you have a traineeship place or informal letter/email! They will inform you regarding application documents.

3. Evaluation (Professional)

In case of a positive evaluation of your application professionally, the faculty coordinator contacts the Erasmus center ( After this, they contact you regarding next steps and they start to evaluate your application formally, too.

What does a positive professional evaluation mean? It means that your application has been approved professionally and you have the temporary Erasmus status.

All of this have to be done BEFORE the student would receive the final examination (absolved satatus)

4. Erasmus status certificate

The Erasmus center can create this kind of certificate. If you need this for your Visa, please contact the International Office via email after the faculty coordinator contacts the Erasmus center and you received the positive evaluation of your application:

Important: the certificate does not mean that your application is approved and you will get the scholarship, but you can start to organise your internship and visa. The scholarship will be awarded only after your application is approved formally, too. Your application is closed when it meets the criteria of the Erasmus program formally and professionally.

5. Evaluation (Formally)

After you receive the positive professional evaluation from your faculty Erasmus coordinator he/she will send us the result of your application too. After that we will contact you to begin with the formal evaluation.

What does a formal evaluation mean? It means that the International Office will check if your application complies with Erasmus rules.

After you receive the positive evaluation you will receive further information about concluding the contract.

Time period

The traineeship period must be a minimum of 60 days but a maximum of 360 days. The mobility can be only interrupted for bank holidays. For the period you interrupt your mobility you can not receive any scholarship.

Countries, partners/companies

Your placement must be within the European Union and it can not be in Hungary. You have to be in the country, even if your traineeship is held online (due to the effect of Covid).


Scholarship holders will receive a scholarship in the form of a daily fee (the monthly amount of the grant must be divided by 30). After concluding the contract, they will receive 70% of the scholarship. After the submission of the final documents, the student will receive the remaining 30%.

The amount of the scholarship varies from country to country.

Countries    Monthly scholarship rates
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden    670 euro
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey     620 euro


Contact your Erasmus coordinator at your faculty after you have a traineeship place!  She/he will inform you regarding application documents.

Erasmus coordinators at the faculties:

Erasmus outgoing coordinators: